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Project Description

Welcome to the XML and WebServices Security Project. This project is part of Project Metro, in the Glassfish community. Here's a detailed overview of the project.

Your participation is fundamental to make this project useful to the Java Community. We encourage you to download and use our implementation.


Important Notice

You can also get these keystores from the xwss/xwss-ri/etc directory when you checkout the sources of this project from


Source Code

Platform Requirements

XWSS can be used to secure WebServices developed using JAX-RPC as well as JAX-WS. It has the following dependencies on the JRE version and other java technologies.
For WebServices running under JAX-RPC, a developer can use XWSS2.0 with Sun's JDK/JRE 1.4 (augmented with JAXP 1.3 implementation jars placed in jre/lib/endorsed).



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